Mission To develop projects using our best talents and creativity,
with a commitment to relentless improvement, greater efficiency, total dependability, meeting clients' demands and adding more value to our work and community.

At Kranti, the quality of your home is the foremost priority. Our projects are developed well above the industry standard, reflecting our emphasis on quality. How do we accomplish exemplary quality in every project? Our dedicated staff members, headed by experienced Project Managers, oversee all aspects of the building process – from site enhancement, design to construction and finally customer satisfaction.

Unmatched value is assured on many levels when you choose Kranti Group as the source of your ideal home. It begins with the professional assistance you receive from the sales executive, who is trained to guide you through every aspect of the project - from the moment you take interest until after your home is finished. Once complete, you will experience the highest standards guaranteed by the company - delivered as promised.

Kranti Group is conscious of the need to save the environment. That's why the villas and gated communities we create always encompass consideration for the carbon footprint we leave behind. Towards this end the green initiative involves maximum utilisation of eco-friendly products and building processes. Additionally, lush greenery is a standard feature you get in every project, in order to minimize footprint on the eco-system.

Integrity is a tall claim made by almost all companies, but Kranti Group has a reputation for honesty since its inception in 1991-92 to back it up. In fact, all our esteemed customers recommend the company which speaks volumes about the faith they have in us, and in the projects we develop. Because no other company combines quality, value, elegance and timeliness.