Why Kranti Group


Innovation in Design

Kranti Group has nurtured a practice where design, technology and talent to create spaces that enhances lifestyle and work efficiency. The team of professionals pursue design innovation to give rise to a new generation of ideas. By putting an extra effort into design, the group has scaled higher to improve the quality of its projects.

Project Locations

Prestigious projects dotting the length and breadth of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Kranti Group's prestigious projects dot the length and breadth of one of the world's growing metropolitan cities – Hyderabad and major cities of Andhra Pradesh. In particular, the successful redevelopment of the area where its projects are located helped build a foundation for Hyderabad's future while providing quality spaces for redefining lifestyles. The projects reflect rise in stature of the city while incorporating advances in technology.


High quality of service, a key focus of the leading builder

Kranti Group values customer service. The high quality of service is a key focus of the leading builder of this part of India. At every stage of the process the management ensures that its team members are meeting the expectations of discerning home buyers. Not only the customer is made aware of the full process including specifications, time of delivery and so on, the buyer is encouraged to visit the site and make recommendations as well.

Finance Facility

Making the finance facility easier through strategic tie-ups

When it comes to enabling finance facility for its customers to own a home of their choice based on their individual incomes, Kranti Group leaves no stone unturned. We have entered into strategic tie-ups with reputed financial institutions to arrange interaction between finance company officials and prospective customers. Care is taken to make the entire process absolutely hassle-free, with swift processing and without burden some complexity or unnecessary paper work.

Eco Kranti

Pristinely planned projects that harmonise with the natural world

Kranti Group believes that caring for the natural environment is essential for a better future for tomorrow's generation. Therefore its green initiatives range from eco-friendly planning to energy-efficient home design. In addition, the projects are planned meticulously to harmonise with the natural beauty of the neighbouring landscape. Care is accorded to include wide open spaces, and incorporate existing trees and plant new saplings. Numerous green features such as rain harvesting pits, water treatment plants and recycling of treated water help to lessen the impact on the environment while increasing the quality of life.


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